Becoming Newsworthy PR Course

Sign up for my upcoming online course to find out how to use PR to promote your brand, business or cause in Singapore. In this course, you will get key takeaways on –

  1. Getting the media’s attention
  2. Understanding how to pitch your brand or business to any media
  3. How to get media contacts
  4. Putting together a PR strategy
  5. Assembling a press kit
  6. Writing a press release, media advisory, fact sheet, and media pitch note

PLUS I will share the following with you:

  • How to ace your media interview
  • Tips on social media management and blogger engagement
  • Media event planning checklist
  • Writing templates

At the end of this course, you will have the tools in hand to:

  • Get featured in the media, increase visibility and recognition for yourself, your business and/or cause
  • Gain credibility with current and future potential customers and partners
  • Increase sales and/or promotions for your personal brand or business and further advance your brand and business goals

Who this PR course is for:

  • Anyone who is new to the concept of public relations, with no prior experience
  • Those who wish to understand how to organise your organisation’s details in a sensible manner, and want to learn to communicate effectively with journalists
  • Self motivated people who are committed to completing worksheets and executing prescribed tasks

Intrigued? I am launching the online course soon, so please stay tuned!